Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel SO Bad

Luke 12 There were gathered a multitude of people, so many they TRAMPLED and TORE EACH OTHER DOWN.


Jesus said, “Beware the LEAVEN of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy”

Nothing covered shall not be revealed!

So Jesus says when you are invited to a wedding banquet do not take the best seat in the house, take the lowest seat. Because if you take the best seat and someone who is “more imporant” than you shows up and your gonna have to give them your seat then you will be disgraced, but if you take the lowest seat, then they will say:”No, no no you are of great importance to me. Please come and sit high up there”

Because everybody who exalts themselves, everybody who makes themselves out to be something they are not. Everybody wo says that I am great or greater than another person, they are going to be humbled and everyone who humbles themselves, they are going to be exalted

Galatians 6:3 For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself

We need to stop looking at people as not worthy (unsaved) and other people as worthy (saved).

There was a pastor (another john, but I once had the same thought) around, who preached about welfare, how everybody needs to get off welfare and how terrible it is. He screamed out: “If you cant get a job, STARVE!” I guess he missed that message.

Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry, and you gave me meat; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink.

We are supposed to help those in need, feed those who are hungry give those drink who are thirsty and that what is happening today:

PRIDE is creeped into church; arrogance and greed.

People want a name and they walk over everyone. When they take that place. they  forget everyone who has helped them to get to that place, because they are there right now. They are in that choice seat (Donald Duck cough)

2 Timothy 3 They have become lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, unthankfully, trucebreakers, false accusers, despisers of those that are good… Having a form of godliness, bugt denying the power thereof!

Jesus said to to YOU: “Do these 2 things to fulfill the LAW -> love god with all your heart and love others as yourself”

“And I say LOVE OTHERS and in doing that you fulfill the law. BY loving others, by putting everybody before you. By being last and putting other first you fulfill the law”

Matthew 23:11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant

There are so many people that are hurting, suffering in their relationships. They are miserable with their jobs.

They feel like they are failing their children, they feel like they are failing their purpose, they feel like they are failing god. And they are crying out: god why can´t you help me?

Then they go to their churches and they go to their religious leaders and the religious leader will say:”Salvation will come, it will come” (if you wait for something you dont have it) SO people are waiting for salvation.

John 11 Martha saith, I know he´ll rise in the resurrection at the LAST DAY. Jesus said, I AM the resurrection and life: HE THAT BELIEVES, though he were dead SHALL LIVE!

“What are YOU waiting for?”

Waiting for christ to come… You know when you wait for something, you do not have it. The problem most people have today is: they do not even know what salvation is.

To the hungry man salvation is food, to the thirsty salvation is drink, to those who need clothes salvation is clothes, to the homeless it is a roof over their head.

The question is what is your salvation? It is the pain, THE PAIN, the emptiness you feel inside your HEART.

The reason you feel so empty, even tough you go to your churches and pay your ties and you do what everyone says to do. The reason you feel empty is because you believe your salvation is far, not realizing that your salvation is you (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN). The Hope of Glory is not christ coming outside of you riding the literal clouds

Hebrews 12:1 We are compassed about with a cloud of witness

There is a great cloud within us on you. telling you SALVATION is within. CHRIST IN YOU. It is the whole hope of glory. That is the word made flesh. In the beginning was the word with god and the word was god. Your word oh lord is truth, the truth of who you are, is not who you think you are, but the truth of who you are saves you.

2 Peter 1 According His divine power hath given us ALL THINGS pertaining to life and godliness…

…Giving us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these we might be partakers of the DIVINE NATURE, escaping the corruption in the world trough lust.

We are in a world, that is in our making, we can change things, but we can only change things by knowing who we are and those that believe in his name day, will be the power and the sons of god. God only has one son.

1 Corinthians 15:45 The first ADAM was made a living soul; the last ADAM was made a quickening spirit.



But in Christ you are no longer just the sons of men, you are the son of god. And if this son of god, then one with god and if one with god seperates with god, then who are we? If he has given us all power rule and dominion on this earth,

John 1:3 All things were made by him

and if all things were made by the son, through the son and for the son and we are the son, what is stopping us from changing this world?

Matthew 17:20 Truly I say to you, If you have ABSOLUTE FAITH… NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO YOU.

There are people out there: HURT, PEOPLE LOSING THEIR HOMES, PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS, PEOPLE ARE MISERABLE, THEIR MARRIAGES ARE FALLING APART, THEIR CHILDREN ARE ON DRUGS, PEOPLE ARE HURTING TODAY AND NOT 1 PERSON IS STANDING UP FOR THE TRUTH. The truthe which will set you free, the truth that you are more than just a brute beast. STOP THINKING like you are human. START THINKING like you are the son of god.

Philippians 2 Let THIS MIND be in you, WHICH WAS also THE MIND IN CHRIST JESUS: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation and chose the role of a servant.

AS he IS so are WE in this world. He was a word of god WE are the words of god. We are living pencils, living breathing, to be read by all men. There is nothing you can do without believe. There is nothing you can not do with faith. ALL things are possible.

If your marriage is falling apart STOP thinking your marriage is falling apart, change your tune. Speak words of live. When you speak your mind interpetrets it as truth

Proverbs 18:21 death and life are the power of the tongue

Whatever you are saying, you believe. Whatever is bound on earth (words)  is bound in heaven (= god´s thinking). Whatever is loosed in heaven, is loosed on earth

We can change this world, because there is no we, there is only one and if we see that all of us are one, when we stop worrying about that place on the banquet, when we say it does not matter, I have a great title. It does not matter if I have a huge ministry or that I am on a cover of US today or People magazine, when we stop caring about that.

Ephesians 4 ONE Body ONE Spirit ONE Lord ONE Faith ONE God!

When we start caring about how we, by speaking the truth can change the hearts of this world. We need to help people today. We need to reach out to people today. We need to stop lifting people up as if thery were more important than we are, because there is no one more important than you. You need to know that you are loved. You need to know, that there is more to you than you ever believed. You need to know, that God has never left you, not for a second. You just forgot, that you ARE his child.

1 John 3:2 It does not YET appear what YOU shall be…but I know.. YOU shall be like CHRIST!

FIND SALVATION by confessing the name of christ.

I will start I AM CHRIST (his body, his mind, his name)

Galatians 4:19 In whom CHRIST is FORMED!

See what happens when you do the same

MUSIC: Moby – “Memory Gospel” Seal -“Do not Cry”

Find your calling “The Truth will change you”

SALVATION NOW by Jacob Israel:

The Truth will set you free,

Yours Simeon

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Rivers of Babylon – Boney M

By the rivers of babylon, there we sat down
Ye-eah we wept, …

Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart
Be acceptable in thy sight here tonight


Johns Revelation 18:2 says 2And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

…for in one hour is she made desolate.”

That is indeed possible because if people would recognise the source code and the program, that has been fed to us since childhood they would see…

Geore Orwell 1984 : War is Peace – Freedom is Slavery – Ignorance is Strenght”

Programming begins with words, wirtten in greek alphabet abc and arabic numbers 123

Let me present you my thoughts of what the programmers write:

Science = Knowledge

Money = Happiness

Faith = Superstition

History = Truth

Authority = Undeniable

Law = Justice

Judgement = Righteousness

Earth = Round

Death = Final

Heaven = Outside

Hell = Afterlife

May God keep you save and send his angels to protect you

Yours Simon

America – A Horse With No Name

You see I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name,
It felt good to be out of the rain.
In the desert you can remember your name,
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.


That horse name might have been METH:

The following story might be fiction, though the poem speaks a profound truth:


(This was written by a young Indian girl who was in jail for drug charges, and was addicted to meth. She wrote this while in jail. As you will soon read, she fully grasped the horrors of the drug, as she tells in this simple, yet profound poem. She was released from jail, but, true to her story, the drug owned her. They found her dead not long after, with the needle still in her arm.)

I destroy homes, I tear families apart,
I take your children, and that’s just the start.

I’m more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold,
The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold.

If you need me, remember I’m easily found,
I live all around you – in schools and in town

I live with the rich, I live with the poor,
I live down the street, and maybe next door.

I’m made in a lab, but not like you think,
I can be made under the kitchen sink.

In your child’s closet, and even in the woods,
If this scares you to death, well it certainly should.

I have many names, but there’s one you know best,
I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is crystal meth.

My power is awesome, try me you’ll see,
But if you do, you may never break free.

Just try me once and I might let you go,
But try me twice, and I’ll own your soul.

When I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie,
You do what you have to — just to get high.

The crimes you’ll commit for my narcotic charms
Will be worth the pleasure you’ll feel in your arms.

You’ll lie to your mother, you’ll steal from your dad,
When you see their tears, you should feel sad.
But you’ll forget your morals and how you were raised,
I’ll be your conscience, I’ll teach you my ways.

I take kids from parents, and parents from kids,
I turn people from God, and separate friends.

I’ll take everything from you, your looks and your pride,
I’ll be with you always — right by your side.

You’ll give up everything – your family, your home,
Your friends, your money, then you’ll be alone.

I’ll take and take, till you have nothing more to give,
When I’m finished with you, you’ll be lucky to live.

If you try me be warned – this is no game,
If given the chance, I’ll drive you insane.

I’ll ravish your body, I’ll control your mind,
I’ll own you completely, your soul will be mine.

The nightmares I’ll give you while lying in bed,
The voices you’ll hear, from inside your head.

The sweats, the shakes, the visions you’ll see,
I want you to know, these are all gifts from me.

But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart,
That you are mine, and we shall not part.

You’ll regret that you tried me, they always do,
But you came to me, not I to you.

You knew this would happen, many times you were told,
But you challenged my power, and chose to be bold.

You could have said no, and just walked away,
If you could live that day over, now what would you say?

I’ll be your master, you will be my slave,
I’ll even go with you, when you go to your grave.

Now that you have met me, what will you do?
Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you.

I can bring you more misery than words can tell,
Come take my hand, let me lead you to hell.

Another way of looking at it is by replacing the word METH with … fill in the blankets.

Be a blessing in somones life

Yours Simon

Harakiri – Serj Tankian

Within our dreams, we all wake up

Our statues, the soaring edifice of our times
Detracted from the ways of the wise


A royal family gets ambushed, every soldier slain. Nothing left to eat or to drink. The king, hit by an arrow, dying in the desert gives his 4 sons a piece of a map marking a way towards an oasis. One goes north, another goes west, the next one east and the last one south. They all die. The end -.-

Confuzius said “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” What if I tell you all great men of history saw the exact same picture, but painted it differently. The map is the key, in more ways than one. Lao Tzu said “The words of truth are always paradoxical”. At least it seems that way.

On a small hill at an old temple I met a couple. I did not talk to them, but I listened. They were talking about a camera and different filters. You can take a photograph through different lenses: ultraviolet, infrared… If you see the world through another filter, your experience of something changes.

Simulation Theory says that life is a computer simulation. It is a program written by someone and everything happening is designed to end up somwhere.

Lao Tzu said “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
What are you oberserving where society is heading?

Another filter: Japanese is the language of the infinite. In their view being born and dying is the same thing, because after all we only exist within each moment. Miyamoto Musashi says:“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.”

What do I see? Confusion of words and meanings.

Yours Simon

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Spongebob Squarepants – F.U.N

It is no about winning, it´s about fun!



Why is Spobgebob living underwater beside Patrik and Squidwards???

Let me explain my persprective: Spongebob Squarepants shows us that we have 3 areas of thinking:

Spongebob: He lives in an Ananas (naná = fruit), it resemlbes the heart, our feelings (Emotional Intelligence), which connects us to our true self or soul, which only god knows. The Limbic System. Our inner child soaking up like a sponge. Everything we experience in our childhood lies the foundation of who we are today. He is more right brain oriented: emotional, creative, believer (he can ride stones!)

Thaddaeus Quentin. Tentacle: the Head. Has the most high viepoint 2 horicontically windows, which look like eyes. The neo cortex. The spirit. He lives in the middle and resembles the brain. He is the left brain analytical. Fails to create something other people understand. He fails to communicate. Aramaic tadda means hearted. Squid are shy, intelligent like a rat and curious.

Patrik Star Stone, form shape the glourius, lives under a brown rock. Patrik means the noble man, our belly brainstem/reptilian brain our ego. Quote “Go for your gut feeling” He is bad at thinking but likes eating ice cream. He is chubby and has no nose and a lack of common sense. In the Episode Something is smelling we find out that he relly can not smell.

Spongebob and Patrik are best friends. Spongebob who is always happy encourages Patrik to go outside and play. Thaddaeus fails to connect with other fish. He prefers to be alone, playing clarinete.

Band Geek Episode: Squidwards tells Squillian, his arch enemy that he has a band. Squid calls out for a choir contest in Bikini Bottom to get the BEST musicians. Many fish come. On their first choir trial they fail miserably at playing their instrument (Patrik:“Is mayonaise an instrument”). Their skills do not improve within the next few days. Before the concert starts Squidwards tells them to play as loudly as possible, but ultimately looses his faith hope and love for his project. He starts crying and abandoms his band. On the day of the concert Squillian asks Thaddaeus where he band is. He replies “They are all DEAD”. Thinking shut down, brain masturbation stops. Suprisingly when the curtain opens Spongebob (THE HEART) takes the role of the lead singer and together with ALL other fish he sings “SWEET VICTORY by David Glen Eisley.

The bottom line is:

EVERYTHING outisde of YOU (Heart, Brain, Gut) is transitory and can fall apart. YOU are the only constant there is, not your family, not your job, not your friends, ONLY YOU and GOD who directs everything. The flower of live tells us that EVERYTHING is connected and that everybody is human after all and has all those parts inside of themselves. Only with your Spongebob you can achieve anything sustainable and precious. This is what Band Geek teaches: the Internet, Computers, your brain is worthless if you do not connect it with your heart and gut.

Yours Simon

Falco – Egoist

The whole world revolves around me
‘Cause I’m just an egoist
The person who is closest to me
Is me, I’m an egoist
Topping the list
There’s me
You must forgive me
But I love myself
Even though I’m quite
Very critical
All day long there’s
Only myself on my mind
What is the ego?
Our mask we play in live, the person how we think we are, but are not. My EGO tells me:
“I am stupid”
“Somebody will come and kill me, because I am full of shit”
BUT I know that everything it says is a lie, because I think that:
->Nobody is stupid. “There are just people who have bad luck with thinking” (quote from a child)
->I do not know what will happen tomorrow. The economy could collapse, a war could break out, an asteroid could hit earth, there could even be an alien attack.
BUT it is also possible that I meet my dream woman, I find a job as a bath keeper on a beautiful island or I even could meet an angel.
I am sorry, but I know I am just an egoist, just like you, but the difference is i am aware of that.
You MUST forgive me, but I really do love myself! Jesus said:”Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
So it should be clear that you first have to LOVE YOURSELF, before you can show true love to others. If not, all you do is similiar to throwing pennys into a wishing well expecting anything to come out of it.
Thomas James writes on his blog that he thinks that our EGO is SATAN, which you can find here

God bless you!


System of a Down – Chop Suey

Wake up

Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?
Here you go create another fable

I cry when angels deserve to die


Demons are thoughts leading to feelings like HATE GUILT and SHAME. (1)

Angels are thoughts leading to feelings like JOY PEACE and LOVE.

IF this assumption is true I can see why this world is filled with Hatred Corruption and Greed. (2) People cram their brains with information, not questioning wheter or not those ANGELS are angels at all.

Inside my head I witness wolfs in sheeps clothing preaching:”If we only had xxx, everything would be allright”. For xxx insert any political or religious belief system. My perspective is that it will not.

So how can we cast out demons then?

NOT AT ALL, because we can not change what other people think and believe, we can only change our own thoughts. If you encounter others peoples demons you can:

->Say: “That is not true. Everything you say is wrong

->Run away /ignore

.>Show some empathy.

Empathy is trying to feel what another person is feeling. It does not mean you approve what person XY does or thinks. All you do is acknowledge that after all we are all humans and every living being has the exact same emotions and needs.

This idea is based on Marshal Rosenberg Nonviolent Communication, which implies 4 steps:

  1. Observation: say what you objectively see without any evaluations
  2. Feeling: find out what you are feeling (anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness,surprise ->idea of 7 universal emotions by Paul Eckman/Lie to me- TV serie)
  3. Need: every action somebody does is to fulfill a need like security, appreciation, joy, freedom and after all everone wants to be LOVED.
  4. Request: make a specific request what XY should do to meet your need. It is very important that you and the other person sees this request as voluntary.


1. There is a can lying on the floor.

2. I feel angry

3. I have a need for cleanliness

4. Please Simon throw it away.

Bless you and have the best day ever!

(1) Liv Larsson – Anger, Guilt and Shame – Reclaiming Power and Choice >book< (2) Tracy Chapman – She´s Got Her Ticket >song<